Worthless College Grads Turn to Private Investigations for Work

With the glut of college grads looking for work with their worthless government funded college degrees that make up a 3rd of government assets, these people have found a source of income. That source is the private investigation industry. While I have no interest in writing what was already been written, I share a link to the story.

Entering the job market out of college can be fraught – and require some creative gumption.

Consider Andrew: a friendly, lanky 23-year-old who graduated from Elms College last May.

Andrew has been my neighbor for more than a decade. He was the kind, older kid at the bus stop when my own children were in kindergarten. So when I ran into him last fall, I had to wrap my ahead around the new job he’d taken.

Andrew is a private eye – well, officially, “private investigator,” but who can resist a little noir embellishment?