The Main Problem with Illegal Immigration: Murder

Failure by Texas & Federal law enforcement authorities to eliminate criminal aliens from the midst of its citizens pose a threat.

When Illegal Immigrants Attack Americans

Shatavia Anderson, a teenager of 14 years, was walking home when she was viciously attacked by Melvin Alvarado, a two times extradited unlawful alien from El Salvador. His accomplice Jonathan Torres, 18, a national of Honduras, formerly under arrest for auto theft, jointly carried out the criminal offense. For self-defense, Shatavia made efforts to get away; Alvarado deadly shot her in the back. Melvin easily accessed Houston due to him taking advantage of a practically unguarded border. This made it easy for his return to the U.S. to carry on with his criminal life.

When Illegals Kill Innocent Americans

An illegal immigrant from Guatemala shot-dead Durden who was on his way to his workstation as a 911 correspondent, killing him instantly. He was found guilty of a criminal act armed of robbery and two cases of driving under manipulate, and had no permit, indemnity, or registration when he ended Durden’s life. The assassin’s mother was in Atlanta at the time of the fatal accident, and he had driven her off at the airport just a few hours earlier.

Not Even Truck Drivers are Safe

Big-rig truck driver Tyrone Williams, a Jamaican immigrant from Schenectady, NY, was driving his temperature-geared semi-trailer from Harlingen, Texas to Houston, a 330-mile drive. The illegal immigrants were being transferred from a secluded habitation to vehicles that would carry them to their homes in the United States, however; the brief journey emerged as the nation’s deadliest human smuggling effort. The aliens penetrated holes into the trailer. Some the illegal aliens died, others fatally injured, and another was awarded a jail term of 40 years.

The Killing of Border Patrol Agents

A U.S. Border Patrol Agent, Robert Rosas left home for work at the Pine Valley Station in California, little did he know his life would be taken away. While on tour of duty a few yards from the Mexican contour, Rosas noted a small set of illegal trespassers entered the United States. He alighted from his vehicle to track down the grouping, not knowing that they were lying in wait to ambush him. Shots were fired, and endorsement agents responded. Unfortunately, they found Robert dead or dying in the shadow of a dilapidated border fence. The illegal immigrants shot him 9 times. Police reported wounds in the head, and torso.

They Even Killed Dustin

Dustin Inman is another American who killed by an illegal immigrant. The reason for the killing of this innocent man is because the United States government is allowing criminals unfettered access to the United States via a porous border. Dustin was assassinated by an illegal immigrant.