The Best Lawyer for Angleton, TX Criminal Cases

When a person is accused of a criminal offense their lives may flash before their eyes in the face of what could be a serious prison sentence. Whether innocent or guilty, being arrest, thrown in the back of a police car, carted to jail, and processed, is a fucking hassle of a traumatic experience to say the least, and downright terrorizing to any bastard unlucky enough be jammed up by the Angleton Police Department, jailed, and transported to Brazoria County. It’s a hassle. When in a situation like this we recommend you consider legal representation quickly.

Who are the Best Defense Lawyers in Angleton, TX?

We Recommend the “Law Office of Sandra J. Oballe”

Law Office of Sandra J. Oballe
1216 N Velasco St STE# H
Angleton, TX 77515
PHONE: 979-265-6800

She’s a serious lawyer who doesn’t take any shit off of prosecutors, and she’s straight-up with her clients.

Brazoria County Felony & Misdemeanor Defense

A Full Service Criminal Defense Law Firm

Attorney Sandra J. Oballe commands the respect of her peers in the legal field by consistently being ferocious for her clients. She’s earned a reputation as being a shining beacon for the criminal-defense wing of the criminal defense bar in Brazoria County. In fact, in Brazoria County, TX, some of the prosecutors often align themselves with flawed tactics that work on indigent defense lawyers and rookies, but not on Attorney Sandra J. Oballe or others of her pedigree.

Whether you were accused of a drug offense involving cocaine, crack, meth, heroin, or weed, our legal team can help you. We also represent people accused of assaultive offenses like assault and aggravated assault, and we’ve been more than instrumental in securing not-guilty verdicts for people arrested for domestic violence assaults and sex crimes.